Customer Training – The “Fast-Track” training program is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and essential skills of the lesson plans (listed below) within a short “fast track” time frame. Lessons teach common functions and highlight Information accessibility so the student can enhance their knowledge by using available resources on the Internet.

Understanding how to access this information will empower the student to increase their knowledge of a diverse universe of skills and applications.  The program consists of a 1.5-hour lecture followed by a 30-minute workshop to ensure complete comprehension of the lesson plan.

  • Welcome to the 21st Century
    • This class will enlighten the student with the awareness needed to make the right decisions about the technological choices ranging from Smart TV’s,  Smart Phones,  Tablets, PC’s and other devices.  The class expands on this 21st-century paradigm shift to internet-centric computing while providing the student with the proper tools to enrich their lives with existing technology, achieving a ROI (return on investment) and provisioning the proper security protocols for their safety.
  • Intro to the Apple iPad
    • Beginners class providing instruction on proper use of the Apple iPad and complete migration from PC platforms.  The student will be able to access their repository of PC data,  understand and install select applets, including proper use of email and other basic facilities offered by the Apple iPad platform.
  • Intro to Droid Tablets
  • Social Networking
    • Beginners class to understand the value of Social Networking including email, facebook, twitter,  skype, facetime, and others.  The student will be able to create their own accounts,  configure the proper security protocols, and reach out to their friends and family.
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • E-commerce
  • Online Video Streaming
  • Integrating Your Smart Phone