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Computers includes Apple and Windows Products


Computer Assessments Are Free

Initial Assessment Review of equipment.  Evaluation includes cost-effective recommendations to resolve existing problems and improve performance.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery may include removal of data drive from computer, disk analysis and basic drive sector repair for data recovery.

Computer Tune-UP

Total Computer clean-up following TechSquad’s 15 Point Checkup.  This is our best product and a must if there is any suspicion of hacking.

New Computer Setup

Complete setup of a new computer.   Setup involves transferring data from an existing platform, email accounts, and a hand held process in the migration to the latest Operating System or macOS.

Service concludes with the cleaning of data from old PC and Recycling if needed.

Printer Setup

In-Shop printer installation using USB resources.

Minimal Shop Diagnostic Fee

Shop time required to accurately diagnose problem which may take up to one hour.  This fee is waived if repairs are approved.

Solid State Drive SSD Upgrade

Windows and Apple SSD upgrade which includes operating system tune-up and cloning of existing information and applications.  Price is dependent on size and type of SSD which varies from 120GB to 1TB including M.2 PVMe drives.

Phone/Tablet Setup

Initial subscription, data and app transfer from old phone and email setup.  This also includes updating phone or tablet to latest manufacturer Operating System.

PC/Apple Backup with 1 Terabyte Drive Included

This includes and External Backup USB drive, Time Machine or Windows Backup Restore setup and first initial backup guaranteed.

System Password Recovery

Recover initial Windows or Apple password.

Application Password Recovery

This would include Facebook, email, etc… password recovery.  This excludes any financial password recoveries including Retirement, Bank, and Stock accounts.

Software Installation

For both Windows and Apple software installation.

New Email Setup

Setup new email and password using either Microsoft,  Google, or Apple email services.  This include smart phone and Windows/Apple email implementations.

RAM Upgrade

This price reflects installation only.  Type of Memory module and size will vary on availability.

On-Site Support

House call available services are provided between noon and 1pm daily on an hourly rate.  We also provide Pick-up and Drop-off services at a nominal fee.

Hardware Installations

Includes video cards,  PCI adaptors, etc…



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