There has been an increase in virus contamination and internet SCAMS in the last several months. scam alertOne of the most dangerous SCAMS via phone calls by a so called Microsoft Support Representative who is very persuasive in convincing you to allow them to access your PC remotely so they can assist you with a phony problem. Once these hackers get into your PC, they show you bogus information about the health of your PC, and they plant a Trojan horse virus to give them future access. While on your PC they steal your information, and convince you to pay them for this service. If you refuse to pay them they install a syskey password locking you out of your PC and data. We have been getting several PC’s per month with these attacks. In most cases, customers had to change their bank accounts and reinstall Windows on their PC.
We advice to practice prudence when answering phone calls or emails. NEVER, give anyone you do not know access to your PC. NEVER give anyone personal information including your name, phone number, or address on the phone or via email exchange. These hackers prey on your good nature and unfortunately have been extremely successful in infiltration.
In the words of Oscar Wilde “The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.” , take the middle ground, please SUSPECT everything!

We have removed thousands of virus's in the last several years and know that NO anti-virus program is virus proof.  Most of the viruses are usually installed with your consent by clicking on a pop-up or installing free software with adware or a planted Virus, Trojan, or Worm.

This section with the drop-downs on the Security Menu link will provide some useful information and utilities to help resolve several of these issues.  Proceed with caution, without the proper knowledge,  one can get into a quagmire and actually make the matter worse with loss of data or propagation of your existing condition to other computers and worse, your email contacts.